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HFSP postdoctoral position in quantitative high-content imaging of [synthetic] embryos

Posted by , on 7 May 2019

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

Our laboratory of synthetic development at IMBA (Vienna) is looking for a postdoctoral colleague to decode the self-organising behaviours of early embryos. This position is part of a HFSP with Shantanu Singh (Broad Institute) and Kyogo Kawaguchi (Riken Institute), and requires regular and frequent exchanges with these labs.


Requirements. We are looking for a colleague with:

  • a strong interest and experience in quantitative high-content imaging including significant experience with microscopy, biological assay development, and some experience using image processing software on biological assays
  • an ability to clearly communicate with biology collaborators about project aims and results, and with software engineers about image processing and software needs
  • a personality that is helpful, professional, highly organized, and goal-oriented
  • useful but not required: stem cell culture experience, CellProfiler expertise, programming experience (e.g., Python), and experience with Linux environments, cloud computing clusters, and bioinformatics/statistics tools (e.g., R).

About us. Our laboratory gathers stem cell biologists, geneticists, and engineers who study organizing principles in the early embryo. We created the blastoid system, a currently unique in vitro model of the pre-implantation conceptus generated solely from stem cells [Nature 2018]. Upon transfer in utero, blastoids implant and initiate a pregnancy. We also develop microsystems, genetic and computational tools to modulate and analyse self-organisation. We are conscientious, enjoy a professional, no-fuss environment, and are passionate about what we do.


About IMBA. The IMBA is an institute of the Austrian Academy of Science and of the Vienna Biocenter. It hosts 15 research groups that foster strong creativity and world-class science in biology, including stem cells, organoids and development. IMBA and the Vienna Biocenter provide the utmost technical support to researchers, including in microscopy (e.g., lattice, mesoscale and macroscale LSFMs handled by technical experts), so that you can focus on the science. See


Please send you CV, motivation letter and at least two references to and

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