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From our sister journals – September 2016

Posted by on October 7th, 2016

Here we highlight some developmental biology related content from other journals published by The Company of Biologists. Moran Neuhof, Michael Levin and Oded Rechavi explored the relationship between regeneration and inheritance in planaria    Ryo Nozu and colleagues provide evidence for lipid histotrophy in great white shark reproduction from a shark accidentally caught by fishermen in Okinawa.  […]

This month on the Node

Posted by on October 6th, 2016

September was notable for the amount of new jobs posted, from Kansas to Copenhagen to King’s College London, and PhD to tenure-track. Check out our jobs page for the latest opportunities. In case you missed them, here are some of our other monthly highlights:   Research   Rui Monteiro and Tomasz Dobrzycki told us about where[…]

September in preprints

Posted by on October 5th, 2016

Our monthly trawl for preprints from developmental biology and related research. Previous posts can be found here.    Preprints roll on, and this month’s selection is a reminder of how developmental biology is based on a variety of model organisms. We’ve got two investigations into zebrafish mesoderm from Deborah Yelon’s lab, quite a bit of cell mechanics (in zebrafish, fly and[…]

Research into fly development provides insights into blood vessel formation

Posted by on September 29th, 2016

Researchers working with flies at IRB Barcelona describe that the concentration of some small intracellular organelles determines the branching capacity of tracheal cells.   Tracheal cells are analogous to the cells that form blood vessels in the human body. The inhibition or stimulation of new blood vessels has implications in cancer and in tissue regeneration.[…]

The people behind the papers #4

Posted by on September 26th, 2016

In this series, we interview the people behind some of the most exciting recent papers in developmental biology and related fields, to give context to the work and find out how the story came together.   Today we feature an upcoming paper in Cell Stem Cell that investigates the role of Schwann cell precursors in the multi-tissue regeneration of the[…]

Seeking out the sweet spot in cancer therapeutics: an interview with Lewis Cantley

Posted by on September 23rd, 2016

  “…had you told me when I was 25 years old that I would be the director of a cancer center I would have been incredulous, given that I was totally into chemistry”   This is an extract from an interview that originally appeared in Disease Models and Mechanisms (available here Open Access) Paraminder Dhillon,[…]

Where does blood come from in the first place and how is it made?

Posted by on September 14th, 2016

Commentary on Transforming Growth Factor β Drives Hemogenic Endothelium Programming and the Transition to Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Developmental Cell, Volume 38, Issue 4, p358–370, 22 August 2016   Each of us has around 6 pints of blood. The blood contains a number of different types of cells, including oxygen-transporting red blood cells, disease-protecting white[…]

From our sister journals – August 2016

Posted by on September 6th, 2016

Here we highlight some developmental biology related content from other journals published by The Company of Biologists. Meritxell Huch, Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow at the Gurdon Institute in Cambridge, was interviewed as a Cell Scientist to Watch (she’s certainly one for developmental biologists to watch too!).   The Tanentzapf lab assayed the effects of outside-in integrin[…]

August in preprints

Posted by on September 5th, 2016

Our latest monthly trawl for developmental biology (and other cool) preprints. See June’s post for background, and let us know if we missed anything It was another bumper month for preprints, as bioRxiv’s Richard Sever celebrated:     This month we found three pieces on the development of the spinal cord, three investigations into gene expression networks in the[…]

This month on the Node

Posted by on September 5th, 2016

August was meant to be a quiet month, with researchers (in Europe, at least)  leaving the lab for a well earned break and winding down before the start of the academic year…but here on the Node we’ve had another bumper month full of diverse content. Happy reading!   Meetings   We had a wonderful report from Joaquín Navajas[…]