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This page lists events that are of interest to the global community of developmental biologists: conferences, meetings, training courses, workshops.

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April 2017

Seminar on the Pharmaceutical Applications of Peptide

This seminar sets to establish a platform to discuss the pharmaceutical applications of peptides with the increasingly recognized potentials especially showed by ghrelin peptides, glucagon-like peptide-1tau peptide and so on.

April 01, 2017
45-16 Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY 11967, USA

BSCB / BSDB / Genetics Society Joint Meeting

This meeting provides a unique forum to network and socialise with a wide cross-section of the genetics, cell and developmental biology community, featuring an outstanding line up of speakers from around the world, a dedicated early career symposium, and workshops.

April 02, 2017 — April 05, 2017
University of Warwick, UK

Abcam conference: Programming and reprogramming the human brain

Topics include modeling human brain development from pluripotent stem cells, programming and maintenance of cell identity in the CNS, and development-inspired reprogramming of the brain.

Oral abstract deadline: 15 November, 2016

Poster abstract deadline: 01 February, 2017

April 03, 2017 — April 04, 2017
Munich, Germany

CSHL Meeting: Wiring the Brain

Topics include neural development, synapse formation and plasticity, neurodevelopmental disorders – genetics and animal models,  and human brain development.

Organizers: Danielle Bassett,
Joshua Gordon, Josh Huang, Kevin Mitchell

Abstract Deadline: 20 January, 2017

April 04, 2017 — April 08, 2017
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY

Join Abcam at our conference next Spring in Germany: Chromatin and epigenetics: from mechanism to function

Join Nobel laureate John Gurdon in Munich to discuss the latest developments within the chromatin field

This three day conference will build a bridge between chromatin mechanisms and epigenetic phenomena.

More Info: Here

April 05, 2017 — April 07, 2017
Helmholtz Zentrum München, Munich, Germany

Antibody Drug Conjugates Meeting

This meeting focuses on the design and development of antibody drug conjugates, especially the organic synthesis of the novel class of drug. Then the related screening libraries will be discussed if time is allowed.

public talk
April 08, 2017
45-16 Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY 11967, USA

Abcam conference: Genome rearrangements and mutation signatures in development and cancer

This meeting will bring together leading researchers in genomics and classical mechanistic biology, in an effort to decode the information contained in mutation signatures, genome rearrangements, and alterations of karyotype in disease

Oral abstract deadline: 01 February 2017

Poster abstract deadline: 01 March 2017

April 18, 2017 — April 20, 2017
Boston, MA

On growth and form: 100 years of an extraordinary book

At the Royal Institution in  London, join an expert panel led by award-winning writer Philip Ball to discuss the legacy of D’Arcy Thompson’s hugely influential book, ‘On Growth and Form’

public talk
April 19, 2017
London, UK

EMBO Workshop: Awakening of the genome – The maternal-to-zygotic transition

Bringing together expertise in various areas of the MZT, this Workshop aims to generate synergistic insight into how different cellular processes combine to ensure faithful development across eukaryotes

Organisers: Nadine Vastenhouw, Philip Zegerman, Howard Lipshitz & Petr Svoboda

Abstract deadline: 13 January, 2017

April 23, 2017 — April 26, 2017
Dresden, Germany

EMBO Young Scientist Networking Meeting 2017

The Young Scientist Networking Meeting brings together young group leaders from India and Europe, and students and post doctoral scholars to catalyze collaborative research and advance careers.

Registration deadline: 22 November, 2016

April 24, 2017 — April 25, 2017
Barcelona, Spain

The Biology of Regenerative Medicine

The aim this conference is to understand the biology that underpins the success or failure of regenerative processes. We will explore the relationship between stem cell biology and regenerative biology so that both can be fully exploited to treat disease.

April 25, 2017 — April 27, 2017
Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK

2nd Joint SFBD/SBCF Meeting : When Development meets Cell Biology

The second joint meeting of the French Societies for Cell Biology and Developmental Biology, covering gene regulation, nuclear architecture, cell polarity, cell migration, signalling, morphogenesis, reprogramming, signalling and emergent models

April 26, 2017 — April 29, 2017
Lyon, France