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November 2018

Evo-chromo: towards an integrative approach of chromatin dynamics across eukaryotes

A Workshop from The Company of Biologists

November 04, 2018 — November 07, 2018
Wiston House, West Sussex, UK

EMBL Course: Deciphering DNA Methylation

November 05, 2018 — November 09, 2018
EMBL, Meyerhofstr. 1, Heidelberg, Germany

Workshop “Contribution of bacterial injection systems to human disease”

This workshop belongs to the series “Current Trends in Biomedicine”, organized by the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía at the Sede Antonio Machado of Baeza (Andalusia, Spain).

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November 05, 2018 — November 07, 2018
Baeza (Spain)

Joint Meeting of the Portuguese, Spanish and French Societies for Developmental Biology

Abstract deadline = 31/07/18

Early registration deadline = 15/08/18

November 07, 2018 — November 10, 2018
Porto, Portugal

EMBL Conference: From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology

The main objective of this conference is to bring people together from diverse disciplines to exchange ideas, promote cross-disciplinary collaborations and to form a synthesis of appropriate systems-level approaches.

November 10, 2018 — November 13, 2018
EMBL, Meyerhofstr. 1, Heidelberg, Germany

Keystone Symposia: From Rare to Care – Discovery, Modeling and Translation of Rare Diseases

This symposium will examine current and future bottlenecks to gene discovery, disease modeling and therapeutic approaches and suggest strategies to enable progress in this regard. Ultimately, successful deployment of precision medicine for rare diseases will inform such approaches more broadly.

November 11, 2018 — November 14, 2018
Vienna BioCenter, IMP Lecture Hall, Vienna, Austria

EMBL Course: Microinjection into Adherent Cells

his course is aimed at technicians and scientists interested in microinjection into adherent cells. The aim of the course is to provide particpants with hands-on tutorials and the theory behind microinjection into adherent cells.

November 14, 2018 — November 15, 2018
EMBL, Meyerhofstr. 1, Heidelberg, Germany

2018 IMB Workshop: Molecular Mechanisms of Circadian Clocks

This workshop will bring together leading scientists, who have made seminal contributions to the understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying circadian timing and pioneered the introduction of new technologies to the field of circadian research.

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conference workshop
November 15, 2018 — November 16, 2018
Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) - Mainz, Germany

International Meeting on Optical Biosensors

The purpose of this conference is to gather and consolidate the expertise in the field of biosensors and to promote the exchange of information as to accelerate the development of these new dynamic imaging approaches in biology and biomedical sciences.

November 15, 2018 — November 17, 2018

Conferences Jacques Monod: Modeling cell fate

November 19, 2018 — November 23, 2018
Roscoff, France

Genotype to Phenotype to Fitness

Genetics Society  2018 Autumn Meeting

November 22, 2018 — November 23, 2018
Exeter, United Kingdom

Keystone Symposia: Leveraging Genomic Diversity to Promote Animal and Human Health

This symposium aims to highlight translational genomics in humans and animals for health and productivity. Explore synergies and cross-disciplinary learning opportunities to leverage genomic diversity pushing the current boundaries to translation and affordability in low- and middle-income settings.

November 25, 2018 — November 29, 2018
Speke Resort & Conference Centre, Kampala, Uganda

Metabolism in Cancer and Stromal Cells (2nd edition)

During this international Conference we will focus on how cancer and stromal cells metabolically communicate and how their specific metabolism impacts disease development and progression.

November 26, 2018 — November 27, 2018


Abstract deadline = 05th November

November 29, 2018
UCL Institute of Child Health, London