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5 thoughts on “Freeware for scientists”

  1. Excellent. I second Marsha’s comment.

    In theory there is Gimp to do what Photoshop does. But the learning curve is just as steep for me, and in the end I gave in and bought Photoshop. Some reflections and comments in that decision over here. But I still regret not having Linux on a work computer – they’re all hooked up to a microscope, or otherwise need to run software that otherwise is only written for Mac OS/Windows.

    1. I found Photoshop easier to learn than Gimp. But now that I don’t have access to the lab copy of Photoshop anymore, I’m back to the confusing Gimp again. I don’t need it very often, which is not helping with the learning curve. It’s functional, but the interface is non-intuitive.

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