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5 thoughts on “HHMI Documentary Initiative”

  1. We just had the first screening of our new feature-length documentary on stem cells (followed by a discussion with a stem cell scientist)

    Feedback was great and confirmed our goal to provide real accurate science.
    This was possible thanks to a genuine collaborative effort between film makers and scientists.

    (we are organising more screenings across the UK, check website for more info)


    1. That looks great! I noticed there is only a closed screening in Cambridge, though. Any plans for a public one? There are lots of groups in Cambridge who’d be interested in attending or hosting such a screening.


    2. Hi Eva

      Yes we would like to do an evening screening in Cambridge (the closed one will be in the morning).
      If you have any contacts re. the hosting please let me know. We didn’t have the chance to get in touch with anyone in Cambridge yet.



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