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HHMI Documentary Initiative

Posted by on May 25th, 2011

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is launching a documentary film initiative to bring high quality science to TV. Benefiting from HHMI’s direct access to scientific resources and researchers, the $60 million project aims to give the public an accurate overview of the scientific process, while highlighting compelling stories.

Recently, HHMI announced that the film initiative will be led by Michael Rosenblad, a documentary producer and former president of National Geographic Television. In the HHMI news article, he shares his vision for the project:

“Good science films capture the passion of discovery,” said Rosenfeld. “At their best, they give viewers a vicarious sense of what it is like to be a scientist and to be on an adventure. Through film we can help people imagine — in a vivid way – what it would be like to make a discovery themselves.”

Having a top film-maker work with a scientific institute should lead to interesting films, and I can’t wait to watch them.
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  1. Katia says:
    We just had the first screening of our new feature-length documentary on stem cells (followed by a discussion with a stem cell scientist)

    Feedback was great and confirmed our goal to provide real accurate science.
    This was possible thanks to a genuine collaborative effort between film makers and scientists.

    (we are organising more screenings across the UK, check website for more info)

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    • Eva Amsen says:
      That looks great! I noticed there is only a closed screening in Cambridge, though. Any plans for a public one? There are lots of groups in Cambridge who’d be interested in attending or hosting such a screening.

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    • Katia says:
      Hi Eva

      Yes we would like to do an evening screening in Cambridge (the closed one will be in the morning).
      If you have any contacts re. the hosting please let me know. We didn’t have the chance to get in touch with anyone in Cambridge yet.

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    • Eva Amsen says:
      I’ll send you an email today or tomorrow with contact info.

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  2. A film about Noah’s Ark, The Grand Canyon and the fight to keep science in and religion out of American public schools. check it out.

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