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Developing News

Posted by , on 13 September 2021

Welcome to our light-hearted look at the goings-on in the world of developmental biology in the last two weeks (or so). Call to action NIH funding for maintaining the model ...

New Community Manager for the Node

Posted by , on 2 August 2021

Hi All,  My name is Helen Zenner and I am delighted to introduce myself as the new community manager of the Node. I started my scientific life as a cell ...

Developmental Disorders: From Mechanism to Treatment

Posted by , on 24 June 2021

Development and Disease Models & Mechanisms welcome you to apply for our joint virtual meeting ‘Developmental Disorders: From Mechanism to Treatment‘, which aims to bring together developmental biologists, human geneticists ...

So long, and thanks for all the fish (and flies, and frogs, and all the rest)

Posted by , on 17 June 2021

Today’s my last day working at the Node and Development. I started in June 2016, which really feels like a different world looking back now – at the first conference ...

Mysterious plant part reported

Posted by , on 15 June 2021

A Press Release from Development A previously unreported anatomical structure named the ‘cantil’ has been described in the popular plant model, Arabidopsis thaliana. Scientists from The Pennsylvania State University, USA, ...

Rare metabolic disorder replicated in rice fish

Posted by , on 9 June 2021

A Press Release from Development A mutation from a human patient with a rare metabolic disorder has been replicated in the Japanese rice fish. Researchers from the Centre for Organismal ...

Interdisciplinary approaches to dynamics in biology

Posted by , on 3 June 2021

Royal Society Publishing has recently published a special issue of Interface Focus entitled Interdisciplinary approaches to dynamics in biology organized by Rubén Pérez-Carrasco and Berta Verd, and featuring lots of content relevant to ...

preLights interview with Christian Mosimann

Posted by , on 2 June 2021

preLights, our sister community site here at The Company of Biologists, just published an interview with developmental biologist and zebrafish aficionado Christian Mosimann. It covers his research history, career trajectory, ...

Looking for contributors

Posted by , on 9 April 2021

A new look for the Node

Posted by , on 15 March 2021

We've had an upgrade for 2021 - new homepage design, jobs board and author interface

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