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2 year engineer position

Posted by , on 27 January 2014

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

The team “Physics of the Cytoskeleton and Morphogenesis” wishes to recruit an engineer during 24 month on a project funded by the BPI-France (ex-OSEO). One of the perspectives of this contract is to set-up a strong application for a permanent position in the team.

Our team studies the physical rules regulating cell architecture and internal organization. To that end, we developed surface micro-fabrication techniques (J Cell Science 2012, Lab On Chip 2011) in order to impose spatial boundary conditions to cytoskeleton self-organization. These geometrical and mechanical processes are investigated in cells (Nature Cell Biology 2013, PNAS 2012, JCB 2010) and in vitro with reconstituted systems made of purified proteins (Nature Materials 2013, Science 2012, Nature Materials 2010).


Our lab has now a new unit in the Hopital Saint Louis in Paris where we have established a joint lab with the Cell Based Therapy Unit in order to develop new tools to study and control mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cell differentiation.

The candidate will be in charge of the microscopes (video-microscopy, spinning-disc, FRAP 4D, nano-ablation) and the microfabrication platform (lithography, laser-based nano-patterning, microfluidics). He/she will have to train new lab members, and contribute to the technic parts of their research project. In parallel, he/she will be in charge of the purchase of the new equipments and the technological development of the team. Therefore, he/she will have to keep an exhaustive bibliography up-to-date, write regularly methodologic articles to describe his/her progress and participate to international meetings.

The candidate should be trained in physics and chemistry with a master, or preferably a PhD, diploma. He/she will have to masterize most imaging methods (wide field, confocal and possibly super-resolution) and be familiar with the use of lasers (including pulsed-lasers). Programming in various languages (c, java, python) will be required to drive external devices on experimental set-ups and to automatize image acquisition and analysis. A working experience on microfabrication and surface chemistry would be appreciated although not required. Above all, the candidate should prove his/her deep interest in technological innovation.

The candidate should be highly organized and capable to plan and perform several tasks in parallel. Considering that the work will be at the nexus of the lab organization, he/she will have to know how to work in a team and be very pedagogical. In addition to the required curiosity and creativity for technological innovation, the candidate should like to serve and help to contribute to lab member’s experimental success.


To know more about the team:

Starting date: NOW

Working site: Paris, Hopital Saint Louis, Cell therapy unit.


Contact : Manuel Théry,

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