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Transcending boundaries: MBL Embryology 2012

Posted by , on 6 July 2012

The most striking realization I have had over the course of last four weeks spent at MBL, Woods Hole is how limitless is the scientific spirit . Pioneers of classical ...

Growing a human body part - and cloning babies

Posted by , on 4 July 2012

Last week, I attended the “Growing a Human Part” talk at the Royal Institution, with talks by John Gurdon and Helen Blau. You can read the announcement on the Node, ...

CoB Workshop (Day 4): Epigenetic Memory

Posted by , on 3 July 2012

Reflecting on all the great talks over the course of four days, this meeting has been one of the most enjoyable I’ve been to – I’m sure it was due ...

12th International Conference on Limb Development and Regeneration, Mont-Tremblant Canada

Posted by , on 3 July 2012

This year’s limb conference was held on the 3-7 June at the scenic Mont-Tremblant, Quebec in Canada hosted at Le Grand Lodge hotel. During the winter, it is one of ...

Stem Cell Revolutions: A Review

Posted by , on 2 July 2012

Stem cells are often in the media and are promoted as wonder cells that can solve the problems of most diseases. The stories told throughout this film give the story ...

This Month on the Node - June 2012

Posted by , on 2 July 2012

June marked the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as the Node’s second birthday. We celebrated this occasion with… a plethora of conferences, courses, workshops, and job ...

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