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4 thoughts on “Transcending boundaries: MBL Embryology 2012”

  1. Hi Priri,
    Thanks for enlightening us with all that information about your experience. I could feel how good it would have been to spend such plenty of time in such positive and encouraging environment.
    All the best in your future endeavours.

  2. Hello Priti,

    You have written sooo well!!! And I totally know what you mean. I felt the exact same things when I was there last summer, like how the world suddenly gets bigger, more alive and more mysterious. I am so glad you had such a refreshing experience. And I loved that part about the Portuguese speaker :) All the best in everything :)

  3. Interesting!!
    Its amazing to think you are finally there. I am sure what you just mentioned is aal about things when you got there, and no doubts, you deserve this amazing experience. But, beginnings and endings would not matter unless you experience and enjoy the journey through which you achieve it. I was almost was wanting to hear that bit somewhere. There are so many perspectives to an event, u see? It seems the patience and perseverence has paid off.

    Congratulations!hope you get well prepared for the endevours lying ahead.


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