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How The Company of Biologists helps the scientific community

Posted by on May 8th, 2014

As most of you will know, the Node is run by The Company of Biologists, a not-for-profit publisher of several journals, including Development. The Company of Biologists exists to benefit the scientific community, and as such all profits are given back to the community in different ways: by sponsoring meetings and societies, funding travelling fellowships and, most important[…]

Good guilt

Posted by on May 7th, 2014

Seán Mac Fhearraigh, from PostPostDoc, recently asked me to write a post about my experiences outside academia. Because I don’t have a lot of experience yet (I have only been working as the Node community manager for less than a year) I decided instead to focus on what I did during my PhD that helped the transition.[…]

Crick Quantitative Biology Conference – June 5th

Posted by on May 6th, 2014

The NIMR are hosting the Crick Quantitative Biology Conference on June 5th. This will cover a broad range of interdisciplinary areas of research including tissue growth, cell mechanics, imaging, gene-networks, evolution etc.  Please see the attached poster for details including a link to the online (free) registration page.   (No Ratings Yet)Loading…

Outreach Activity – Smartphone to Microscope Conversion

Posted by on May 6th, 2014

Development is a fascinating process that few people have a chance to see, let alone photograph! We recently participated with other scientists from the Crick Institute at a Science Museum Lates in London in February. For our activity, we built these inexpensive platforms that convert a user’s smartphone into a microscope screen. We provided zebrafish[…]

In Development this week (Vol. 141, Issue 10)

Posted by on May 6th, 2014

Here are the highlights from the current issue of Development:   Sara sorts out stem cell asymmetric division Adult stem cells play crucial roles in tissue homeostasis, giving rise to both new stem cells and differentiating daughter cells. The generation of these two cell types often involves the asymmetric distribution of cell fate determinants, but[…]

A simple step to reverse ageing

Posted by on May 3rd, 2014

How great would it be if we knew how to reverse ageing and turn old organs into young ones? Actually, this might not be as crazy as it sounds. As a matter of fact, a team of scientists managed to regenerate the thymus in old mice and observe what closely resembles the juvenile thymus! The[…]

6th Young Embryologist Annual Meeting

Posted by on May 2nd, 2014

6th Young Embryologist Annual Meeting Friday 27th June 2014 JZ Young LT, Anatomy Building, University College London Last call for abstracts The 6th Young Embryologist Meeting aims to bring together developmental biologists from across the UK and abroad to discuss their work at a leading UK institution by presenting a talk or a poster. This[…]