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From Stem Cells to Human Development: video and gallery

Posted by , on 11 January 2017

In September 2016, Development held its second meeting dedicated to human development. You can read about the meeting in a review by April Craft and Matthew Johnson in this week’s issue, ...

Principal Technician

Posted by , on 9 January 2017

Department/Location: Wellcome Trust – Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute Salary: £34,956-£46,924 Reference: PS11107 Closing date: 08 February 2017 Applications are invited for the position of Principal Technician to ...

A Place where ECM biology and lymphangiogenesis flow together

Posted by , on 9 January 2017

This is the latest dispatch from a recipient of a Company of Biologists Travelling Fellowship. Learn more about the scheme, including how to apply, here, and read more stories from ...

The fly reveals a new signal involved in limb growth

Posted by , on 9 January 2017

Researchers at IRB Barcelona identify a fundamental role of the JAK/STAT signalling pathway in the development and growth regulation of limbs in Drosophila. Published in Nature Communications, the study paves ...

December in preprints

Posted by , on 6 January 2017

Our latest monthly trawl for developmental biology (and other cool) preprints. See June’s introductory post for background, and let us know if we missed anything   2016 saw preprints in the life ...

A day in the life of a mayfly lab

Posted by , on 5 January 2017

I am Isabel Almudi, a postdoctoral researcher in Fernando Casares’ lab, at the Andalusian Centre for Developmental Biology (CABD) in Seville, Spain. In the lab we are focused on studying ...

The home of the implanting embryo: A 3D perspective

Posted by , on 5 January 2017

Comment on “Insights from imaging the implanting embryo and the uterine environment in three dimensions”, Arora et al, Development 143(24):4749-4754 (2016).   More than 2000 years ago, Hippocrates (460-377BC) and Aristotle ...

The people behind the papers: Miguel Brun-Usan & Isaac Salazar-Ciudad

Posted by , on 4 January 2017

The tenth paper featured in this series comes from the first issue of Development for 2017, and uses computational modelling to investigate the importance of different cellular processes in spiral ...

Postdoctoral position - University of St Andrews

Posted by , on 4 January 2017

ParaHox gene cluster regulatory mechanisms.   Research Fellow – AR1855MR   University of St Andrews, School of Biology, Scottish Oceans Institute, Salary: £32,004 per annum, Fixed Term: 3 years, Start: ...

Sequencing specialist to DanStem / CPR (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Posted by , on 4 January 2017

We are seeking a highly motivated and ambitious candidate to join our lab facilities funded jointly by the CPR and DanStem The Danish Stem Cell Center (DanStem) and the Novo ...

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