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Postdoc positions in Cancer biology, Angers lab at the University of Toronto.

Posted by , on 24 May 2017

Two Post-Doctoral positions are available immediately in the laboratory of Stephane Angers in the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy (, University of Toronto, to develop strategies to inhibit developmental signalling ...

DrosAfrica: Background and Workshops

Posted by , on 24 May 2017

Introduction to the DrosAfrica project The contribution of scientific research in shaping societies is increasingly significant. However, African researchers make up only around two per cent of the world’s academic ...

Obituary: Tokindo S. Okada (1927-2017)

Posted by , on 24 May 2017

This obituary by Hisato Kondoh and Harukazu Nakamura first appeared in Development, May 15th 2017.      Tokindo S. Okada (here referred to as TSO) was one of the leaders who steered developmental ...

Post doc in human lung development, Gurdon Institute, Cambridge

Posted by , on 24 May 2017

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral research assistant/associate to join the group of Dr Emma Rawlins at the Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge to work on the regulation of human ...

A day in the life of an Oikopleura Lab

Posted by , on 23 May 2017

The recent bloom of genomic data from all of life’s kingdoms is revealing a novel perspective of gene loss as a pervasive source of genetic variation with a great potential ...

PhD studentship in Epithelial cell renewal

Posted by , on 22 May 2017

Research assistant position for subsequent appointment as PhD fellow in ‘Epithelial cell renewal’ to join the Sedzinski lab. The Danish Stem Cell Center (DanStem) at Faculty of Health & Medical ...

"STEM for All" - 170 videos of federally-sponsored science research in USA, happening online in video showcase

Posted by , on 19 May 2017

Happening now: 2017 STEM for All Video Showcase! Innovations in science are happening all over the nation! Visit the science videos at the 2017 STEM for All Video Showcase, funded ...

An interview with Eric Wieschaus

Posted by , on 18 May 2017

I had started to become a little worried when I didn’t see Eric on the opening day of the conference, but it turned out that his plane to Germany had been delayed ...

A postdoctoral position to study role of Par-3 in E-cadherin recycling and signalling

Posted by , on 17 May 2017

A postdoctoral BBSRC funded position is available to study role of Par-3 in E-cadherin recycling and signalling in the group led by Dr Natalia Bulgakova The focus of the ...

The evolution of an axon guidance model: from chemotaxis to haptotaxis

Posted by , on 16 May 2017

The canonical model The publication of Marc Tessier-Lavigne’s seminal Cell papers (1, 2) in 1994 describing the identification of netrin1 (from the Sanskrit word, netr, meaning “one who guides”) was ...

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