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Lab meeting with the Mohlin lab

Posted by , on 25 March 2024

Meet the Mohlin lab, based in Lund, Sweden. The lab is interested in understanding the mechanisms of tumor initiation during embryogenesis.

SciArt profile: Brent Foster

Posted by , on 21 March 2024

Find out more about Brent Foster's recent artistic projects and how he takes inspiration from the marine invertebrates he work with to create his drawings.

Catch up on Development presents… March webinar on RNAs in development

Posted by , on 20 March 2024

Catch up on March's Development presents... webinar.

An afternoon in the museum with an exploded skull and a 3.5m python skeleton

Posted by , on 19 March 2024

The people and the research behind the exhibition ‘Growing a backbone’ at the University Museum of Zoology (Cambridge, UK).

Can the post-doc shortage get even worse?

Posted by , on 18 March 2024

The road of academia is a pretty established ladder, PhD, then postdoc, then faculty. I am approaching the end of my PhD and the opportunities seemed endless. At least, when ...

Mexican cavefish (Astyanax mexicanus): a non-model organism research story with Dr. Claudia Patricia Ornelas-García

Posted by , on 16 March 2024

Recently, Brent Foster and I published an article on non-model organism (NMO) research, where we interviewed several researchers working across the globe on the challenges, rewards, and the particular questions ...

Diversity drives discovery in developmental plasticity

Posted by , on 15 March 2024

This is an excerpt from the Editorial by Patricia Wright and Kathleen Gilmour, editors of Journal of Experimental Biology’s Special Issue “Developmental Plasticity: From Mechanisms to Evolutionary Processes“. Understanding the ...

Funded Research Internships at the Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences at Tel Aviv University

Posted by , on 14 March 2024

Exceptional students from anywhere in the world are invited to apply! Who can apply? We’re excited to welcome outstanding young scientists who have  completed their BSc or MSc studies or ...

Lab meeting with the Soiza-Reilly lab

Posted by , on 12 March 2024

Meet the Soiza-Reilly lab, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The lab is interested in early postnatal maladaptive development and miswiring of cortico-limbic circuits.

Exploring multi-hub conferences: interview with Sally Lowell

Posted by , on 7 March 2024

Transportation is one of the main environmental issues of a scientific conference, usually accounting for around half of the event’s total CO2 emissions. But innovative ideas can help mitigate this ...

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