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Alex Eve

I am a Reviews Editor for Development. My role involves working with authors to produce Review-type articles for the journal, which includes commissioning and editing the manuscripts, organising peer review and representing the journal at conferences. Previously, I worked on Hedgehog signalling evolution during my Post Doc with Phil Ingham, and I investigated haemovascular development in the zebrafish during my PhD with Jim Smith.


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Time to crack coding?

Posted by , on 24 March 2020

As labs shut down in response to the coronavirus pandemic, some might be unsure of what to do next. Even if your project doesn’t have a computational (i.e. bioinformatic) aspect, ...

The Young Embryologist Network Conference 2019: Meeting Summary

Posted by , on 24 May 2019

Since the Young Embryologist Network (YEN) was established in 2008, its annual conference grows from strength to strength, and thanks to the introduction of travel grants in 2017, the YEN ...

The 1st Crick-Beddington Developmental Biology Symposium: Meeting Summary

Posted by , on 15 February 2019

The Francis Crick Institute held the 1st Crick-Beddington Developmental Biology Symposium last week, beginning on Monday the 4th of February. The two-day meeting was held in honour of the memory ...

Hello from Alex

Posted by , on 17 December 2018

Hello, I’m Alex and I’m very happy to introduce myself as a new Reviews Editor for Development. I will be working together with invited authors to produce interesting and relevant ...

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Thank you for sharing your wonderfully honest account. I expect many others have had similar feelings during this time and I think it's great that you've started a dialogue about mental health and support. I agree with you that a regular sense of progress is really important for well being and self-confidence. Thanks again and I'm happy to hear that things are improving for you as 'normal' daily life starts to return. Take care!
by Alex Eve in Back to bench is resetting my mental clock on July 13, 2020
Thanks a lot for sharing! It sounds like a very important and valuable experience!
by Alex Eve in Irin ajo mi si Nigeria | My journey to Nigeria on May 20, 2020