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A Day in the Life of a Killifish Lab

Posted by , on 25 September 2022

What is a Killifish? My name is Andrew Thompson, and I am an assistant professor and principal investigator of the Xtremo-Devo Lab at Western Michigan University. In our lab, we ...

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Ph.D. and Master’s opportunities: The Genomics of Eco-Evo-Devo in Killifishes

Posted by , on 14 October 2022

We are seeking highly motivated Ph.D. and Master’s students to begin research on comparative and functional genomics of annual and non-annual killifish adaptations to extreme environments. Killifishes are part of a highly diverse group of vertebrates that have evolved the ability to live in ephemeral ponds via developmental dormancy (diapause), and environmentally cued hatching. They […]