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Ilaria Chiaradia

Ilaria Chiaradia is a neuroscientist with a strong interest in developmental biology. After having completed her graduate studies in Italy and Austria, she joined the PhD programme in Cell Biology at the MRC LMB Cambridge in the research group of Madeline Lancaster. During her career, she investigated the complex genetics behind autism spectrum disorders, unravelling the correlation between molecular alterations and the appearance of autistic phenotype. She worked with stem cells and animal-based models of disease. As part of her post-graduate studies, she is aiming to answer the question of what makes human brain so special compared to other species. In order to address this evolutionary question, she is working with ‘mini-brains’, cerebral organoids grown in vitro as a model of embryonic brain development. She is part of multiple joint projects aiming at understanding the role of steroid hormones in brain development, embryonic brain transcriptome and neuronal activity.


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Workshop commentary: Creative Science Writing

Posted by , on 29 September 2022

In June 2022 The Company of Biologists organised an unusual Workshop for creative science writing. For the first time, scientists interested in communication were gathered together to experiment fiction and ...