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The 8th European Zebrafish Meeting

Posted by , on 25 July 2013

By Leonardo Valdivia and Joaquín Letelier Here is a report about sessions performed during the 8th European Zebrafish meeting held in Barcelona. The post is divided in different topics to ...

ESF QuanTissue Workshop

Posted by , on 22 July 2013

The 8th European zebrafish meeting first started with the “ESF QuanTissue” workshop, a 4 hour session where speakers showed current research about basic mechanisms that regulate cellular behavior during morphogenetic ...

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Dear Carmen, thanks a lot for your comment. Unfortunately, there were a lot of sessions at the same time so we could not cover all of them....
by Joaquin Letelier in The 8th European Zebrafish Meeting on July 29, 2013
Two important things: If you want to get deep in "hyperdimensional in vivo phenotyping" please read the following article (Nature Communications 2013;4:1467) Also, the work about "maternal to zygotic transition" was performed by Dr. Antonio Giraldez (PI), as well as Ashley Bonneau (co-lead author).
by Joaquin Letelier in The 8th European Zebrafish Meeting on July 25, 2013
Thanks for your comment Leo, I´m glad you liked it!
by Joaquin Letelier in ESF QuanTissue Workshop on July 23, 2013
Nice post Catarina!
by Joaquin Letelier in My first encounter with the fish community on July 18, 2013
I attended to the first edition of the course, and I had a very good scientific and extra scientific (places, people, etc.) experience. I strongly recommend apply.
by Joaquin Letelier in New fellowships for International students to attend Top Developmental Biology course in Chile on July 5, 2013