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New fellowships for International students to attend Top Developmental Biology course in Chile

Posted by , on 5 July 2013

Olivier Pourquie, Nipan Patel, Claudio Stern, John Wallingford, Mary Mullins, Alejandro Sanchez-Alvarado, Andrea Streit, among other will teach, hands-on, the paradigms, problems and technologies of modern Developmental Biology. The course will start with a plenary lecture by Scott Gilbert about the history and concepts in Developmental Biology.


The course will take place between 5th and 17th January 2014 in Quintay-Chile.  Full fellowships will be available for Latin American students.


New Fellowships for non-Latin American students are offered by the Society of Developmental Biology (SDB) and University College London (UCL). The fellowships will cover the full course fees and travel expenses.  For more information about the fellowships go to:


DEADLINE 31st July 2013


For a summary about the previous course see:


Picture of previous course is shown below, with  John Gurdon interacting with the students:

J Gurdon

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One thought on “New fellowships for International students to attend Top Developmental Biology course in Chile”

  1. I attended to the first edition of the course, and I had a very good scientific and extra scientific (places, people, etc.) experience. I strongly recommend apply.

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