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CURRENT POSITION. 2021 – present: ERC group leader & INSERM Research Director/ INMG (Institut NeuroMyoGène)/ INSERM-CNRS-Univ/ Lyon University, France. PREVIOUS POSITIONS. 2017 – 2020: Senior group leader & INSERM Research Director/ INM (Institut des Neurosciences de Montpellier)/ INSERM/ Montpellier University, France. 2012 – 2017: ATIP-Avenir group leader & CR1 INSERM (2011)/ INM/ INSERM/ Montpellier University, France. 2007 – 2011: INSERM researcher (CR2) in Dr A. Represa’s lab/ INMED (Institut de neurobiologie de la méditerranée)/ Neurosciences department/ INSERM/ Aix-Marseille University, France. 2003 – 2007: Postdoctoral researcher in Pr D.W. Cleveland’s lab/ LICR (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research)/ Cell Biology department/ University of California, San Diego, USA. 1998 – 2002: Ph.D student in Pr Koenig’s team (Pr Mandel's lab)/ IGBMC (Institut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire)/ Human Genetic department/Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, France. EDUCATION. 2010: Diploma to supervise PhD students & research (H.D.R)/ Aix-Marseille II University, France. 2002: Ph.D in Human Genetics/ IGBMC/ Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, France. 1998: Master II/ Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France.

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Several positions in neurofilament biology (PhD, engineer & postdoc)

Posted by on February 18th, 2021

In the context of an ERC funded project, the laboratory of Dr. Bomont (NeuroMyoGene institute, Lyon, France) is recruiting several fellows. We are seeking highly motivated candidates for neuronal cytoskeleton, to work on a project aiming at fueling innovation in fundamental neurobiology and therapeutic development. This project is multidisciplinary and will be conducted in an[…]