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I'm a graduate student in the molecular genetics & genomics program at Washington University in St. Louis. Studying DNA methylation changes during development and how they drive cell fate choice. I also think about science policy and literacy, science writing, publishing, and ethics, and improving the atmosphere and opportunities for women in science.

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Time travel for graduate students

Posted by on June 23rd, 2015

Earlier this month, science & engineering graduate students at Washington University in St. Louis (WU) traveled in time. In the ballroom of the medical library, 70 students mingled with 15 young, professional scientists. At the first-annual Early Career Transitions Symposium, students got to fast-forward to learn what life might be like 5-10 years after graduation,[…]

Graduate students take on The Hill

Posted by on March 25th, 2015

On March 18, 2015, 24 graduate student scientists from twelve graduate programs across the country descended on Capitol Hill. We represented the National Science Policy Group, a network of graduate students committed to promoting science research funding and interested in issues at the intersection of science and public policy. Last Wednesday¬†was our Congressional Visit Day,[…]

Of mice and men: exploring Mouse ENCODE

Posted by on December 17th, 2014

The Mouse ENCODE Project released a slew of papers late last month reporting findings from a three-year effort to comprehensively map functional elements in the mouse genome. Their major findings are summarized in an integrative paper in Nature¬†(Yue, F. et. al., 2014). Similar to the goals of the human ENCODE project (The ENCODE Project Consortium,[…]