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3 thoughts on “Bioinformatics challenges in multidisciplinary research”

  1. Thanks for your interesting post! I think that you raise a lot of important points that should be acknowledged and discussed more. It seems that a better mutual understanding of what bioinformatic and wet lab scientists ‘do’ will definitely strengthen collaborations.

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Something that I believe should also be taken into account is that ‘wet labs’ should identify their bioinformatic collaborators before they perform the experiments and actively involve them in the experimental planning of the biological experiment. Many labs appear to perform the experiments and then seek out people to analyse the data without realising how the design of the experiment can impact how and what can be done with the data downstream.

  3. Thank you for reading my post.
    As you said, mutual understanding is very important and it is crucial to discuss the needs and expectations in the planning phase of projects.

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