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Development at a glance

Posted by , on 28 May 2024

Do you know about Development’s ‘at a glance’ article types? These articles comprise a short text document highlighting the fundamental aspects of a developmental biology topic, which is accompanied by a large poster schematic that illustrates all you need to know ‘at a glance’.

Development has published a number of these articles over the years, ranging on topics from somitogenesis to gibberellin signaling, branching morphogenesis to the peripheral nervous system. To view the full collection, visit this page.

Some of most recent, free-to-read articles are included below; to download the high-resolution image, click on the link in the ‘High-resolution poster’ or ‘Supplementary Information’ section of the online article. If you’d like your own physical copy of a poster to hang in your lab or office, look out for The Company of Biologists’ exhibit at the upcoming Society for Developmental Biology meeting (Atlanta, GA, USA) or the ISSCR annual meeting (Hamburg, Germany).

Insulin signaling in development

Miyuki Suzawa, Michelle L. Bland

 This Development at a glance article summarizes insulin hormone family signaling and highlights the roles of individual hormones in regulating growth, cell proliferation and differentiation.

The peripheral nervous system

Aliia Murtazina, Igor Adameyko

This Development at a Glance article provides up-to-date basic knowledge of the anatomical and functional organization of the peripheral nervous system (PNS), with additional insights into the development and cell-type heterogeneity underlying its different roles.

Notch signaling in development and homeostasis

Oren Gozlan, David Sprinzak

A brief overview of the Notch signaling pathway and its molecular activation mechanism, discussing different examples of Notch-mediated coordination of differentiation between neighboring cells during development and homeostasis.

Germ granules in development

Laura Thomas, Andrea Putnam, Andrew Folkmann

A survey of germ granules across organisms and developmental stages, highlighting emerging themes regarding granule regulation, dynamics and proposed functions.

Hox genes in development and beyond

Katharine A. Hubert, Deneen M. Wellik

This Development at a Glance article provides an overview of the genomic organization, protein structure and regulation of Hox genes and our current understanding of their roles both during and after embryogenesis..

Resolving morphogenesis into quantifiable cell behaviours

Jeremy B. A. Green

This Development at a Glance article describes how a cells’ limited repertoire of behaviours provide the basis for quantifying morphogenetic phenotypes.

Human assembloids

Sabina Kanton, Sergiu P. Paşca

This Development at a Glance article gives an overview of the potential of assembloids – three-dimensional, self-organizing in vitro cell culture systems constructed by integrating organoids or organoids and other cell lineages.

Biology of resident tissue macrophages

Christopher Zhe Wei Lee, Florent Ginhoux

This Development at a Glance article gives an overview of the ontogeny, maintenance and unique tissue adaptions of macrophages, and highlights their role in development, homeostasis and dysfunction.

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