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Development presents… February webinar videos

Posted by , on 11 February 2021

Yesterday we held the fifth webinar in our series, this time chaired three members of the preLights team – Sundar Naganathan, Irepan Salvador-Martinez and Grace Lim – in celebration of the site’s third birthday.

Below you’ll find recordings of the talks and live Q&A sessions.

Michèle Romanos (from Bertrand Benazeraf’s lab at the Centre de Biologie Integrative in Toulouse)

‘Cell-to-cell heterogeneity in Sox2 and Brachyury expression ratios guides progenitor destiny by controlling their motility.’

Michèle’s preprint can be found here:



Marc Robinson-Rechavi (University of Lausanne & Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics)

‘The hourglass model of evolutionary conservation during embryogenesis extends to developmental enhancers with signatures of positive selection’

Marc’s preprint, a collaboration with the lab of Eileen Furlong and led by Jialin Liu, can be found here:


Meng Zhu (from Magdalena Zernicka Goetz’s lab at the University of Cambridge)

‘Mechanism of cell polarisation and first lineage segregation in the human embryo’


Meng’s preprint can be found here:









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