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Development presents… winners of Development’s 2023 Outstanding Paper Prize

Posted by , on 29 April 2024

In May, we celebrate the winners of Development’s 2023 Outstanding Paper Prize, hearing from the authors of two papers describing the roles of the Frizzled receptor. Chaired by Development’s Executive Editor, Katherine Brown.

Tuesday 21 May – 15:00 BST

Ling Loh (The George Washington University)
Joe Hanly (The George Washington University and Duke University)

‘From Signaling to Patterning: Dissecting the roles of Frizzled receptors in butterfly wing development’

Megan Michalski (Van Andel Institute)
‘Successful therapeutic intervention in new mouse models of frizzled 2-associated congenital malformations’

At the speakers’ discretion, the webinar will be recorded for viewing on demand. To see the other webinars scheduled in our series, and to catch up on previous talks, please visit:

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