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Developmental biology art from Japan

Posted by , on 1 December 2010

The RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology has released the images for a series of postcards under a creative commons license. The images picture a wide range of both common and uncommon model organisms, all in a Japanese paper art style.

You can download the full set of high quality images, designed by Yukiko Fujiwara, as a zip file from their site. This axolotl is now my desktop background:

Earlier this year, I came across another artistic project out of Japan: the plates that were featured on the announcement posters of the SDB/JSDB joint meeting in Albuquerque were also physically present at the meeting:

The artwork on the plates, by design company TRAIS K.K., brilliantly features developmental biology images in the styles of traditional decorations from Japan and New Mexico, and was an absolutely perfect summary of that conference.

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8 thoughts on “Developmental biology art from Japan”

  1. This is awesome! One of the things I love about developmental biology (despite not specialising in this field) is the images it generates. Both awesome artwork like this and histological images as you’ve featured here before.

  2. We were just talking about science-art yesterday in lab; I had come across a reference to BevShots in my flight magazine, in which it was made reference to the fact that the scientist was selling this art out of his lab in order to fund said lab. And my colleague pointed me to the gorgeous images out of Ariel Ruiz y Altaba’s laboratory both on the lab website and in a gorgeous book, Embryonic Landscapes, available <a href=""from your favorite booksellers.

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