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Embryos and the beginning of human life

Posted by , on 5 January 2023

A new article on embryos and the beginning of independent human life:

In her January 1 New York Times article, “When does life start? A post-Roe conundrum,” reporter Elizabeth Dias cites some material from a recent paper that I wrote. The article, “Pseudo-embryology and personhood: How embryological pseudoscience helps structure the American abortion debate. Natural Sciences 2022: e20220041″ is open access and can be found at  DOI: 10.1002/ntls.20220041 . The paper reviews scientific opinions as to where independent human life begins, and contends:

  • There is no consensus among biologists as to when independent human life begins
  • What passes for science is actually a set of outdated myths that are no longer considered valid
  • This set of myths denigrates birth and promotes fertilization as the site where personhood begins.

I hope the community of biologists will read and discuss the data and conclusions of this paper.

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