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Group leaders in Developmental Biology & Neuroscience – Paris

Posted by , on 23 January 2019

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

The Institute of Biology of the École Normale Supérieure (IBENS) is seeking to recruit group leaders in Developmental Biology and Neuroscience.


IBENS develops advanced and original studies aiming at discovering basic mechanisms and principles that underlie biological processes. Located in the heart of Paris, IBENS hosts 28 research teams organized into four main research axes: Developmental Biology, Neuroscience, Functional Genomics and Ecology & Evolution.

The Developmental Biology section will recruit one or two group leaders at junior and/or senior levels. The Neuroscience section seeks one junior group leader. We are looking for outstanding candidates developing ambitious research programs with the potential to interact with and complement the existing strengths of IBENS.


A poster with full details of the announcement can be found here



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