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3 thoughts on “Hello from Nairobi”

  1. Hey Kim, I got to hear about your visit way after I had left Kenya but I spoke to my students about the exciting experience they had with you. Thanks a lot. I have had the pleasure of working with Nina for a while now – actually we owe our current data on SSR analysis of genetic variation of Colocasia escalante to the PAGE equipment she gave us through seeding labs. Keep up the good work… Steven Runo

  2. Steven! My goodness what a surprise that you found me here. Everyone keeps asking if we have met you yet, because not everyone knows that you’re away. You seem to be a great mover and shaker. I would love to talk to you about our experiences here if you have time at any point. We’re busy trying to do as much good as we can. Email me if you have time – kcooper (at)

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