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Images from the International Course on Developmental Biology

Posted by , on 3 May 2012

One of the covers of Development this year is reserved for an image from the International Course on Developmental Biology, UNAB, Quintay-Chile. This course ran from 5-17 January in Chile. You can read a report from the course on the Node.

Which image will get the coveted cover spot is up to you to decide. Choose your favourite before May 21st, noon GMT. There are 8 images to choose from. Click any of them to see a bigger version.

1. Six zebrafish

2. Drosophila ovaries, HisGFP

3. Planarian in situ

4. Planarian confocal

5. Sea urchin

6. Drosophila embryo, Knirps

7. Chick embryo

8. Xenopus embryo, sox3

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4 thoughts on “Images from the International Course on Developmental Biology”

  1. More details for the images would help the decision process. What genes or proteins and/or what stages for instance. Other than a pretty picture, there is little substance to make a decision. But the pictures are all great!


    1. But the decision is based on which one would LOOK best on a journal cover, so it really is just about the prettiness at this point.

      Would the planarian confocal image, for example, look any better or worse depending on what is actually stained?


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