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2 Postdocs in Dev Neuro in the Fernandes Lab @ UCL

Posted by , on 4 March 2023

Location: University College London

Closing Date: 28 March 2023

Postdoc 1: Timing and coordinating neuronal specification with commitment 

Neuronal differentiation is driven by dramatic changes in gene expression, which are precisely timed during development. This project aims to understand (1) the molecular mechanisms that drive a progenitor cell to differentiate into a neuron and (2) how these mechanisms are timed to enable rapid commitment to a particular neuronal fate

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Postdoc 2: Neuron-generated morphogen gradients

We discovered that photoreceptors regulate the neuronal diversity of their target field,  through a Hedgehog morphogen gradient. Unlike other known morphogen gradients, which emanate away from the source, here the gradient forms along the lengths of photoreceptor axons. This project aims to uncover the cell and molecular mechanisms behind such a gradient.

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Start date: 1 September 2023

Closing Date: 28 March 2023

Scientific fields: Cell biology, Cell fate control and differentiation, Development and disease, Neural development

Model systems: Drosophila

Duration: Fixed term

Minimum qualifications: PhD (completed by start date)

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