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Echinobase Biocurator Position

Posted by , on 15 June 2022

Job type: B.S., M.S., or PhD degree in biology, developmental biology, genomics, bioinformatics, genetics, molecular biology, zoology, anatomy, or a related field.

Location: Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)

Closing Date: 31 December 2022

Echinobase is seeking a Biocurator to work within the laboratory of Dr. Charles Ettensohn in the Department of Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University. Echinobase is an online platform that maintains information on the organization, function and evolution of echinoderm genes and genomes.  The mission of Echinobase is to serve as a central database for an international community of researchers interested in understanding echinoderm biology from a genomic perspective.   Two active research labs in the department use echinoderms as model systems.  This provides an excellent opportunity to interface first-hand with members of the community.  As an NIH-funded community resource, Echinobase provides a supportive environment with many training opportunities available.


Core responsibilities include:

  • Curate existing and new literature on echinoderm biology and highlight this literature on Echinobase.
  • Evaluate primary literature for data on spatiotemporal gene expression patterns in echinoderms.
  • Annotate gene expression patterns using standardized anatomical and genetic vocabularies
  • Integrate published information on echinoderm genes into the existing database.
  • Interface with existing Echinobase database structure and software.
  • Communicate with journals and publishers for copyright permissions.
  • Generate and contribute content to Echinobase, including FAQ pages, tutorials and publications.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in life sciences is required, although a M.S. or Ph.D. is preferred.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Familiarity with literature databases such as Pubmed and Google Scholar.
  • Ability to read and analyze scientific literature, including methodological details and data interpretation.
  • Ability to self-motivate, solve problems, and prioritize work.
  • Computer skills, including word processing and spreadsheet applications.

To Apply:

Candidates should send a resume and brief cover letter to Dr. Charles Ettensohn (

Salary: Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Closing Date: 31 December 2022

Scientific fields: Cell biology, Cell fate control and differentiation, Chromatin and epigenetics, Computational and systems biology, Development and disease, Early embryogenesis, Evo-devo and eco-evo-devo, Gene regulation, Gametogenesis and fertilisation, Neural development, Morphogenesis, Patterning, Regeneration, Signalling, Quantitative biology and modelling

Model systems: Other invertebrate

Duration: Fixed term

Minimum qualifications: Bachelor's

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