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MSci Res position in stem cells and intestinal regeneration- Patel lab U. of Bristol

Posted by , on 26 September 2021

Location: Bristol, UK

Closing Date: 15 July 2022

We are looking for a passionate, intellectually curious MSci by Research (MSci Res) student with a strong interest in tissue regeneration to join our lab.

The Patel lab at the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Bristol studies how tissues regenerate themselves after damage. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) play an important role in regeneration in multiple contexts. Nevertheless, we still don’t fully understand how ROS promote regeneration. The Patel lab uses the adult Drosophila intestine to better understand this process.

In the adult fly intestine, damaged intestinal cells produce ROS that promote intestinal stem cell (ISC)-mediated regeneration (Patel et al., 2019), partly via p38 signalling. You will help further determine the molecular mechanism underpinning ROS-mediated fly intestinal regeneration using proteomics. This work will have far-reaching impact on our understanding of regeneration in many contexts and may help develop therapies for tissue regeneration, inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Skills you will acquire during this MSci research project: protein extraction, precipitation and quantitation; labelling and preparing peptides for proteomic analysis; western blot analysis; bacterial culture; Drosophila husbandry and genetics.

You will have access to a state-of-the-art proteomics facility at the University of Bristol.

If interested, please include (if applicable) the following in your application cover letter (2 pages max): a) description of your most important undergraduate research contributions, b) why you think your research is important and what impact it has had and c) how this MSci Res will help you develop your career. Please submit your application to Dr. Patel at

For more information, please visit

Closing Date: 15 July 2022

Scientific fields: Regeneration, Stem cells

Model systems: Drosophila

Duration: Fixed term

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