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PhD position on angiogenesis

Posted by , on 24 March 2023

Location: Leiden University, The Netherlands

Closing Date: 1 May 2023

A fully funded 4-year PhD position is immediately available in the group of Coert Margadant at the faculty of science, Leiden University in the Netherlands. We work on the mechanisms that drive cell adhesion and migration in a variety of pathophysiological processes.


Project description

Formation of new blood vessels by sprouting angiogenesis is essential for embryonic development, wound healing, and tumor growth. Sprouting angiogenesis depends on specialized ‘tip cells’, which migrate into tissue followed by ‘stalk cells’. The behavior of tip/stalk cells during sprouting angiogenesis involves extensive dynamic cellular changes, including cytoskeletal remodeling, filopodia extension, cell protrusion and retraction, cell-cell interactions, and nuclear migration. In this project we will assess how these dynamic changes are regulated by protein machinery such as Rab GTPases, and develop novel approaches for live-cell imaging of tip/stalk cell dynamics, both in vitro and in vivo in zebrafish. Furthermore we will develop an optogenetic approach to drive rapid cellular changes during sprouting angiogenesis by light.


Job requirements

We are looking for an outstanding and enthusiastic PhD student with interest (and preferably experience) in vascular biology, cell biology, and microscopy. In this project you will be using a variety of cell-biological methods including endothelial cell culture, lentiviral transduction, RNA interference, sprouting assays, flow cytometry, advanced confocal microscopy, Q-PCR, Western blotting, live-cell fluorescence imaging in 2D and 3D, as well as advanced vessel-on-a-chip systems and zebrafish to study angiogenesis in vivo.



The Faculty of Science is a world-class faculty where more than 1,300 staff and almost 4,000 students work together in a dynamic international environment. The Faculty research is very diverse, ranging from mathematics, physics, chemistry and bio-pharmaceutical sciences to biology and environmental sciences. We are located at the heart of Leiden’s Bio Science Park, where university and business life come together (see


Leiden is an attractive and vibrant city with a medieval city center, offering ample opportunities for culture and leisure. Leiden is conveniently located only 30 minutes from the international airport Schiphol, 30 minutes from Amsterdam, and 30 minutes from the North sea coast.


Terms and conditions
Salary ranges from € 2.541,- to € 3.247,- gross per month. Leiden University offers an attractive benefits package with additional holiday (8%) and end-of-year bonuses (8.3 %), training, and career development. Candidates from outside the Netherlands may be eligible for a substantial tax break. PhD students will be embedded in the Leiden University Graduate School of Science, offering several PhD training courses.



For further information please enquire with Dr. Coert Margadant;



To apply for this vacancy, please send an email to, with an updated CV (including transcripts) and a letter of motivation detailing your research experience and interests.

Closing Date: 1 May 2023

Scientific fields: Cardiovascular development, Cell fate control and differentiation, Cell biology, Development and disease, Morphogenesis

Model systems: Cell culture, Zebrafish

Duration: Fixed term

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