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Post-Doc and/or Research Assistant in Developmental Neurobiology

Posted by , on 30 June 2022

Job type: Postdoc, Research Assistant

Location: London, UK

Closing Date: 26 July 2022

We are seeking to appoint a Post-Doc and/or Research Assistant to join our group working on nervous system development. The overall goals of our research are to investigate the causes and to develop novel therapies for disorders of the central nervous system, including neural tube defects, hydrocephalus and neurometabolic disease.

The appointee will join an MRC-funded programme focusing on specific mitochondrial protein(s), which are required throughout embryonic development of the brain, as well as at post-natal stages. We use a range of established and novel genetic tools in mouse and cellular models (including iPSC-derived organoids), together with a range of technical approaches including transcriptomics, lineage tracing, metabolomics, cell biology and advanced imaging. Parallel translational projects are aiming to develop and evaluate novel therapies.

This is an opportunity for post-docs/completing PhD students with experience or interest in developmental biology or neurobiology to join our multi-disciplinary group. We may also appoint at Research Assistant level. Experience and/or an interest developing skills in fluorescence microscopy, transcriptomics, and use of mouse genetic models would be beneficial.

For informal enquiries please contact Prof. Nick Greene (


Salary: £36,770-38,787 (Post-Doc), £32,217-33,958

Closing Date: 26 July 2022

Scientific fields: Development and disease, Neural development, Cell biology, Metabolism and physiology, Morphogenesis, Stem cells

Model systems: Mouse, Cell culture, Organoid

Duration: Fixed term

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