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Post-doc in regeneration and evo-devo of human skin at UPenn

Posted by , on 12 September 2023

Location: Philadelphia, PA USA

Closing Date: 1 March 2024

The Kamberov Lab at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia, USA is recruiting to fill a post-doctoral position.

Human skin harbors some of the most striking and physiologically important evolutionary adaptations of our species. Among these are adaptive changes to the distribution and density of the sweat glands that populate human skin and are required for human survival because of their indispensable role in human thermoregulation. A major focus of research in the Kamberov lab is to identify the genetic and cellular drivers of sweat gland formation and patterning, to discover how and when these were modified to generate adaptive changes on the human lineage, and to apply this knowledge in the development of therapeutic strategies to regenerate sweat glands for wound repair.

The lab is currently recruiting to fill a post-doctoral position in this research space. Interested applicants should send a CV, contact information of references and a letter detailing your interest in the position to Yana Kamberov.  Applicants should hold a Ph.D. in biology or a related field.  Applicants with a background in developmental biology, model system genetics (especially mouse), regenerative biology, and/or evolutionary genetics/genomics are especially encouraged to apply.

Contact: Yana Kamberov (

Lab website:

Closing Date: 1 March 2024

Scientific fields: Patterning, Cell fate control and differentiation, Development and disease, Evo-devo and eco-evo-devo, Gene regulation, Regeneration, Stem cells, Tissue engineering and organoids

Model systems: Mouse, Human

Duration: Permanent

Minimum qualifications: Ph.D.

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