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Post-doctoral Fellowship in the Targoff Lab Studying Cardiac Development and Regeneration

Posted by , on 11 May 2023

Location: New York City

Closing Date: 31 May 2024


A post-doctoral position is available in the Targoff Lab, Department of Pediatrics and Columbia Stem Cell Initiative, at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City, starting in July 2023.

The primary focus of the Targoff Lab is to investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying cardiovascular development and regeneration.  We accomplish these goals through the use of zebrafish as a model system and expand our studies into the fields of transcriptional regulation, cardiac mechanobiology, and stem cell biology.  We utilize an innovative combination of genetic, live-imaging, single cell genomic, and transgenic approaches.

Outstanding and highly motivated candidates with backgrounds in developmental biology, genetics, and molecular biology who hold a Ph.D. or M.D. should apply to Dr. Kimara L. Targoff ( with a cover letter and curriculum vitae included.


Start date: 1 July 2023

Closing Date: 31 May 2024

Scientific fields: Cardiovascular development, Cell fate control and differentiation, Cell biology, Development and disease, Organogenesis, Regeneration

Model systems: Zebrafish

Duration: Permanent

Minimum qualifications: PhD or MD

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