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Postdoctoral Position in Cardiovascular Development

Posted by , on 17 December 2021

Location: Newark, NJ, USA

Closing Date: 18 January 2022

Interested in combining quantitative microscopy and developmental biology to study congenital heart disease? We are recruiting a postdoc who will use advanced microscopy techniques and genetics to study vascular plasticity and remodeling during cardiovascular development. For more information visit To apply, please send a letter detailing your interest in the subject matter, your expertise, CV, and names and contact information of three references to

Start date: 1 March 2022

Closing Date: 18 January 2022

Scientific fields: Cardiovascular development, Cell fate control and differentiation, Organogenesis, Morphogenesis, Cell biology, Development and disease, Regeneration, Signalling

Model systems: Mouse, Cell culture

Duration: Fixed term

Minimum qualifications: Ph.D.

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