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Research assistant in Cranial fate decisions

Posted by , on 17 August 2022

Job type: Research Assistant

Location: King's College London, London

Closing Date: 9 September 2022

A research technician is required to provide laboratory support for the Tucker lab and contribute to a project that aims to understand the development of the temporomandibular joint disc, and how endogenous stem cells might be leveraged for its repair.
The technician will be responsible for establishing and maintaining colonies of genetically modified mice, including fluorescence reporter lines and mice with mutation causing disc defects. In addition, the technician will contribute to the research on the project and support the genetic, molecular and histology work carried out in the Tucker laboratory. Research will include gathering data on TMJ disc cellular lineage and validation of RNA-Seq data through in situ gene expression analysis. Techniques will include genotyping, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization (including RNAScope), histology techniques, light and confocal microscopy imaging.
The technician will work closely with the PhD students and postdocs in the Tucker lab to aid their experiments and allow smooth running of the lab. Experience in mouse work is essential and an active Home Office Personal Licence or equivalent will be highly desirable. Experience in molecular techniques will be beneficial.
Managerial responsibility will include ensuring smooth running of the lab: ordering, organizing the lab, dealing with risk assessments, CoBRA regulations.
This post will be offered on a fixed-term contract for 22-24 months

Salary: Up to £33,114 per annum , including London Weighting Allowance

Start date: 30 September 2022

Closing Date: 9 September 2022

Scientific fields: Cell fate control and differentiation, Development and disease, Morphogenesis, Stem cells, Regeneration, Organogenesis

Model systems: Mouse

Duration: Fixed term

Minimum qualifications: BSc in relevant science area

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