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Research Assistant in Stem Cells (Babraham Institute) (Part-time)

Posted by , on 13 May 2022

Job type: Research Assistant

Location: Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK

Closing Date: 24 May 2022

We seek a motivated Research Assistant with experience in mammalian cell culture to support and advance the human pluripotent stem cell research programme within the Rugg-Gunn team at the Babraham Institute.

The research project is aimed at optimising and validating methods to genetically engineer human pluripotent stem cell lines, with the overall goal of providing an efficient process to tag genes of interest with protein epitope and degradation sequences. Genetically-engineered cell lines are important reagents that allow target protein function to be investigated using rapid and inducible degradation systems, in addition to enabling protein interaction and occupancy studies by using epitope tags. This project will build on our existing experience of creating targeted knock-out and knock-in human pluripotent stem cell lines and will compare and optimise different gene editing and protein degradation methods. The successful completion of this work will make important collaborative contributions to many of the group’s research projects and will further our understanding of human developmental epigenetics.

The successful candidate will be trained in and will use a wide range of cutting edge techniques, including gene targeting strategies and experimental design, molecular biology (PCR, immunofluorescence, flow cytometry, western blot), and advanced tissue culture (human pluripotent stem cell maintenance and characterisation, cell transfections, genotyping, validating different protein degradation systems). The job holder will develop and optimise methods, perform experiments, keep precise and detailed work records, and present data.  Additional responsibilities for this role include supporting the team by preparing shared tissue culture reagents, assisting with lab organisation, overseeing tissue culture stock levels and ordering.

The ideal candidate will have a BSc or MSc in biological sciences. They must be proficient in mammalian cell culture, and prior experience in working with human pluripotent stem cells or with CRISPR-based gene editing methods is highly desirable for this role.

This is a fixed term, part-time appointment with funding for this post expected to be available until 30th June 2024. The ideal working pattern for the position are 22 hours per week, spread over four days per week. The working pattern will be discussed and agreed with your Line Manager, and we welcome enquires and applications from individuals who wish to be considered for other part-time working arrangements. Informal enquiries can be addressed to Peter Rugg-Gunn (

The Institute has joined the Technician Commitment initiative, which is a commitment to support the recognition, visibility, sustainability and career development of our research support community, including Research Assistants.

For more information about the position, and to apply, please see:


Closing date for applications is 24th May 2022.

Salary: £26,500 to £29,000 per annum, pro rata

Closing Date: 24 May 2022

Scientific fields: Stem cells, Tissue engineering and organoids, Regeneration, Development and disease, Cell biology, Cell fate control and differentiation, Chromatin and epigenetics, Early embryogenesis, Gene regulation

Model systems: Human

Duration: Fixed term

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