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Research Assistant in Tissue Repair

Posted by , on 4 February 2023

Location: Bath

Closing Date: 12 February 2023

We are seeking to appoint a Research Assistant to join our group investigating the mechanisms of tissue repair. In particular, we focus on how inflammation and angiogenesis interface in the context of wound healing, and how these go awry in compromised wounds, such as those that arise in diabetes.

The successful applicant will join our Wellcome Trust funded programme and be part of a growing, multidisciplinary and collaborative research community in our new Life Sciences Department at the University of Bath. We use a combination of approaches (including cutting-edge molecular and genetic techniques such as single cell RNAseq and CRISPR gene editing, generating new transgenic reporters and timelapse monitoring of cell interactions in vivo) in zebrafish to determine immune cell-endothelial cell interactions and behaviours at single cell resolution. These investigations will inform how key gene regulatory networks function to drive tissue repair and will inspire appropriate follow-up experiments, including tissue culture assays designed to validate these mechanistic findings on patient samples.

This opportunity would be an ideal fit for a biology or biomedical sciences degree holder with expertise in molecular biology and an interest in regenerative biology. Experience and/or interest in use of zebrafish CRISPR manipulation/genetic models, transcriptomics and fluorescence microscopy would be beneficial. This is a two-year post, with potential for further extension.

For informal enquiries please contact Dr. David Gurevich ( To apply, please go to:

Closing Date: 12 February 2023

Scientific fields: Cell biology, Development and disease, Regeneration

Model systems: Zebrafish

Duration: Fixed term

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