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Research Associate/ Postdoc focus on integration of newborn neurons into the neural network using electrophysiology (Technische Universität Dresden (TUD), Germany)

Posted by , on 23 January 2023

Job type: Postdoc

Location: Technische Universität Dresden (TUD), Germany

Closing Date: 3 March 2023

At the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD) part of the Technische Universitaet Dresden, an institute of the Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering (CMCB), the Chair of Neural Development and Regeneration (Prof. Catherina Becker), offers a project position as

Research Associate/ Postdoc (m/f/x)
(subject to personal qualification employees are remunerated according to salary group E 13 TVL)

Start date is negotiable, but can be as soon as possible. The position is funded by the AlexandervonHumboldt Foundation and will initially be limited until June 30, 2026 with the option for extension. The period of employment is governed by § 2 (2) Fixed Term Research Contracts Act (Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz WissZeitVG).

Tasks: Zebrafish, in contrast to humans, regenerate new neurons after spinal injury (e.g. Cavone et al., Dev Cell 2021). Making full use of the transparency and genetic accessibility of the zebrafish model, we can now elucidate how new neurons integrate into the spinal network. The postdoc will analyse the fate of new neurons using our genetic lineage tracing system, highresolution videomicroscopy, and electrophysiology together with CRTD’ s newly established core facility. This will lead to fundamental insights into the mechanisms of how new neurons can repair a damaged network and provide targets for future interventions in nonregenerating species.

Requirements: university degree and PhD degree in biology or related fields, high motivation, and
expertise in at least one of the following areas in any model species:

generation of genetic animal models;
invivo imaging and timelapse microscopy;
invivo electrophysiology;
neuroanatomy and histology

Informal enquiries should be directed to

The complete job description can be found here!

Find out more about the Becker group on

Please submit your application including a CV, statement of motivation, and the names of at least 2 academic referees by March 3, 2023 (stamped arrival date applies) preferably via the TU Dresden SecureMail Portal by sending it as a single pdf document to or by mail to: TU Dresden, CRTD, Professur für Neuronale Entwicklung und Regeneration, Frau Prof. Catherina Becker, Fetscherstraße 105, 01307 Dresden.

Salary: E 13 TV-L

Closing Date: 3 March 2023

Scientific fields: Cell fate control and differentiation, Neural development, Regeneration

Model systems: Zebrafish

Duration: Fixed term

Minimum qualifications: PhD degree in biology or related fields

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