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Let’s make a developmental biology bingo game!

Posted by , on 5 December 2011

Ever noticed how each field has its own jargon?

Benchfly, a site with free video protocols and other resources for researchers, has created “Group Meeting Bingo”. The site generates bingo cards with the particular phrases common to various fields of research. They have cards for biochemistry, cell biology, and various other fields, but no developmental biology…yet!

So, let’s make a developmental biology bingo game!

Over the next few weeks (until we have enough words), you can leave a comment below (no registration required) with your suggestions for typical words that regularly show up in developmental biology talks. Benchfly will then turn our suggestions into a playable bingo game!

They suggest taking out the cards during meetings, but I’ve enjoyed just refreshing the existing cards on the site and marveling at all the field-specific words.

Section of one of the cell biology bingo cards. Of course some of the words from other fields can appear on the developmental biology cards as well!

Looking forward to see what you all come up with for the developmental biology game!

NB: The Node does not endorse playing bingo at the expense of paying attention to talks. Personally I’ve played a similar game at a conference where the meeting organizers handed out the cards, and encouraged everyone to play. I found it very easy to pay attention to the talks there, take notes, learn things, and still win the game. It’s actually easier to spot the words if you are paying attention!

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20 thoughts on “Let’s make a developmental biology bingo game!”

  1. Thanks for all the suggestions so far! Keep ’em coming.

    I like how ridiculous the “recent comments” box in the sidebar now looks. As if we had a spam attack by people selling biological processes. (Free gene regulation with the purchase of gradients!) :)

  2. I’ve now collected all of these, corrected some typos, and removed duplicates. I also took out a few very specific ones and replaced them with more general terms to make it a more fair game for everyone (eg. “espresso” was replaced with “zebrafish”, “expression” and “database”; and “phylogenetic footprinting” is now just “phylogenetic”)

    I also added a few myself: auxin, Drosophila, Xenopus, Xist, AP axis, Frizzled, chromosome, gene, blastocyst, epiblast, ICM, immunostaining

    Final list is off to BenchFly now!

  3. Actually Eva, I was referring to the beverage. How does anyone do bench work without caffeine? Granted, too much coffee can make loading gels challenging (as the pipet tip vibrates). I like the BenchFly bingo card generator – nice work on this project!

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