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Novartis China is Seeking for a Developmental Biology Investigator

Posted by , on 22 August 2013

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR) is a world leader in pharmaceutical research with a widely recognized culture for nurturing innovation and scientific excellence to address unmet medical needs. China NIBR based in Shanghai is dedicated to the research and development of products addressing diseases prevalent to China, and providing innovation in the understanding and curing of Epigenetic causes of diseases.


Cell fate specification and differentiation of stem cells into distinct cellular lineages during mouse embryogenesis are tightly regulated genetically and epigenetically, particularly via the interplay between key development regulators and various epigenetic modulations.  Such interaction and similar mechanisms are also manifested during regeneration and aging processes.  Epigenetic dysregulation will cause abnormal embryonic development and various human diseases.  To aid target discovery and mechanistic understanding of regeneration, we are inviting applications for an Investigator position in the regenerative medicine research group. The successful candidate will be part of the developmental biology core, focusing on novel target discovery and disease modeling for regenerative medicine.  He/She will be responsible for elucidating the roles of key epigenetic regulators during development and regeneration by using combinatory mouse genetics and epigenomic profiling approaches.   The successful candidate will also participate in multi- disciplinary drug discovery and development team to support target discovery in disease areas of focus.


minimum requirements:

• Ph.D. in Developmental Biology, Cell Biology or related fields, minimal three years postdoc training
• Hands-on experience with mouse embryology, histology or pathology analysis; familiar with key developmental pathways such as Wnt, BMP, Notch etc.
• Deep understanding of epigenetics and proficient in research technologies such as ChIP-Seq, and DNA methylation analysis are required. .
• Highly self-motivated and highly collaborative team worker is essential. Previously industrial experience is preferable.


Please send your resume to, thanks!

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