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Online materials for teaching plant biology to undergraduates: Teaching Tools in Plant Biology

Posted by , on 13 October 2011

Teaching Tools in Plant Biology is an online educational resource published by The Plant Cell and the American Society of Plant Biologists.  Each Teaching Tool includes a set of about 100 PowerPoint slides, a review article suitable for undergraduates with hyperlinked reading lists, and a teaching guide that includes learning objectives and discussion questions. Each article is peer-reviewed and incorporates broad introductory materials as well as some in-depth analysis of key experiments, so can be tailored for use with a variety of students, and each is updated annually. Topics include Leaf Development, Epigenetics, Phytohormones, Why Study Plants and Genetic Improvements in Agriculture. Teaching Tools are available to personal or institutional subscribers of The Plant Cell, but the first six articles, including Leaf Development and Epigenetics, do not require a subscription. We also have a FaceBook page on which we highlight timely topics of interest to teachers of plant development, genetics, molecular and cell biology and physiology. Please have a look and use any materials you like. We’re always happy for feedback! Send comments to

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2 thoughts on “Online materials for teaching plant biology to undergraduates: Teaching Tools in Plant Biology”

  1. I am a biology teacher that wants to have my classes view excelled photosythesis in elodea when CO2 is added to water. However, I teach in a Latin American city where elodea is not sold currently, is there another aquatic plant that will produce a high volume of visable O2? I might be able to find hydrilla or water mill foil. any help would be great. Thanks


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