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Postbaccalaureate Program to Diversify STEM: Stowers Research Scholars

Posted by , on 19 January 2022 The Stowers Institute for Medical Research (Kansas City, Missouri) is now accepting applications for Stowers Research Scholars, a mentored 1-year postbaccalaureate research fellowship. Through guided research experience and academic career ...

PhD positions using quantitative live imaging to investigate neural tube formation

Posted by , on 18 January 2022

The brain and the spinal cord arise from a common precursor, the neural tube, formed very early in embryonic development. Changes in cellular architecture must be tightly coordinated in space ...

Developing news

Posted by , on 18 January 2022

Welcome to our light-hearted look at the goings-on in the world of developmental biology in the last two weeks (or so).

Postdoctoral and Scientist Positions Available in Licia Selleri Laboratory at UCSF

Posted by , on 18 January 2022

Postdoctoral and Staff Scientist Positions in Transcriptional and Epigenetic Control of Organ Morphogenesis in Development, Evolution, and Disease Positions for highly motivated scientists are available in the laboratory of Dr. ...

3 year Postdoc in muscle ageing

Posted by , on 17 January 2022

A 3 year research associate post is available to work in the Knight group at King’s College London to investigate how ageing affects muscle stem cell function. This an exciting opportunity ...


Posted by , on 17 January 2022

Would you like to join our laboratory? Please submit a cover letter explaining your interests and goals, and the type of projects you envision doing with us. Also include your ...

SciArt profile: Diego Galagovsky

Posted by , on 17 January 2022

In our first SciArt profile of 2022, we hear from Diego Galagovsky, a postdoc with a passion for using cartoons to communicate science.

Weinstein Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration Conference

Posted by , on 13 January 2022

Do not miss the Weinstein Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration Conference in Marseille (France) on 12-14th May, our first time in the South of France. We are grateful to all our ...

Genetics Unzipped podcast: How the zebra got its stripes - when maths and molecules collide

Posted by , on 13 January 2022

Discover the maths behind some of the deepest mysteries of life, from the patterning of stripes on a zebra to the spots on a leopard, and even the bones in ...

Tenure-track position on “Quantitative Approaches for the Study of Regeneration” Institut de Biologie Valrose

Posted by , on 12 January 2022

The candidate’s position will be funded for an initial period of 5 years and will involve a minimal teaching load (20 hours/year; English or French). It will be converted into ...

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