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PhD and postdoc positions at IST Austria

Posted by , on 16 November 2015

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

PhD and postdoc positions are currently available in the lab of Anna Kicheva at IST Austria, working on vertebrate neural tube development. Candidates with background in developmental, cell or molecular biology or at the interface between biophysics and biology are encouraged to apply.

During development, tissues increase considerably in size at the same time as cell type diversity is generated. How these processes are coordinated to achieve the correct size and morphological proportions of organs is a fundamental question in developmental biology. While much is known about how extrinsic signals, called morphogens, control the specification of cell identities, the mechanisms of tissue growth control are not well understood. Our aim is to gain a quantitative understanding of how neural progenitor cells in the developing spinal cord interpret morphogen signalling to regulate their progression through the cell cycle. We will also investigate how tissue growth affects the formation of morphogen gradients and pattern specification. The work will involve live imaging of mouse and chick embryos in both ex vivo and in vivo assays, as well as collaborating with theorists to analyse and interpret data.

IST Austria is a young international research institute close to Vienna, with a strong focus on interdisciplinary research and access to excellent facilities. PhD student candidates are required to apply through the IST graduate school, deadline January 8, 2016. To apply for a postdoc position, please email me at with your CV, motivation letter and contact information for 2-3 references.

For more information: Kicheva lab IST,


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