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PhD position available in the Prud’homme lab (Marseille, France)

Posted by , on 18 February 2016

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

Evolution of the gene regulatory network controlling wing pigmentation patterns in Drosophila

We are looking for a PhD student to study the evolution of the gene regulatory network controlling the formation of a wing pigmentation pattern in Drosophila species. This wing spot has emerged from a spot-less ancestor, around 15 millions years ago, and then diversified in shape, color and intensity between species.

The goal of the project is to peer into the genomic changes responsible for these different evolutionary transitions. The student will use comparative functional genomics across species to identify candidate genes and cis-regulatory sequences associated with these transitions. These candidates will be further validated in vivo by functional manipulations using genome editing approaches.

Ultimately, these results will help to better understand how a gene regulatory network emerge during evolution and give rise to a novel morphological trait, and how alterations of this network underlie morphological diversification of a morphological trait.

Candidates (from any nationality, with no requirement to understand French) are expected to have a background in developmental biology, genetics, and a strong interest in evolution.

Please send a CV, a motivation letter, a description of research experience and interests and e-mail contact for 2-3 references to

The position is funded for 3 years by an ERC grant and must start before July 1st 2016.

Our lab is part of the Institute of Developmental Biology of Marseille (IBDM), an interdisciplinary research center studying developmental biology and neurobiology. More information about the lab and the institute can be found here:  &

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