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Post-doc and research assistant positions in Drosophila planar polarity

Posted by , on 22 October 2014

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

Two Wellcome Trust-funded positions are available for candidates with a background in cell and/or developmental biology to join an interdisciplinary team investigating cell signalling and coordinated cell polarisation using Drosophila epithelial development as a model system. The Strutt lab ( studies cell signalling and coordinated cell polarisation in animal tissues via analysis of the “core” and Fat/Dachsous planar polarity/PCP pathways, using a range of molecular genetic, cell biological and computational techniques. Our current research programme aims to dissect the molecular feedback interactions underlying cell polarisation, and has a strong emphasis on studying in vivo protein dynamics, using high resolution (including super resolution) live imaging, and integrating experimental results with computational modelling.

Informal enquiries may be directed to David Strutt ( Formal applications should be made directly to the University of Sheffield ( Job Refs: UOS009537 and UOS009538) by no later than the 21st November 2014.

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