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Post-doc position (mouse embryonic morphogenesis)

Posted by , on 15 August 2016

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

A postdoctoral researcher position is available in the Plageman lab in the College of Optometry at the Ohio State University to elucidate mechanisms of vertebrate epithelial morphogenesis.   The project will utilize the invaginating lens placode of the mouse as a model in combination with live-fluorescent microscopy.  Candidates should have a Ph.D., a strong publication record and ideally have experience with mouse genetics, immunofluorescent imaging, and a background in molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology, and/or cell biology.  Expertise in other model systems are also welcome.  To apply, follow the instructions at the following link:

More information about the lab can be found at:  and inquiries about the position can be made directly to:

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